Long, Hot Summer

This is, I am hearing, the hottest summer since they started recording the heat of summers, and next summer is likely to be hotter still, and so on until we all burn up and die.   Of course, if we’re still  talking weather instead of  climate, there may be some years it swings back the other direction and we’ll get a brief respite, it might be hundreds or even thousands of years until all human life on Earth is extinct, but that is still way too close for comfort.  The general trend is  hot,  hotter, and OMFG I ain’t going nowhere  that  ain’t air-conditioned (and air-conditioning, while it might alleviate the immediate misery, is a long term part of the problem.)
I heard some thunder in the distance earlier this evening.  I  would love it if it were to rain tonight but I’m not holding my breath.
Today, we took a boat trip to the island of  Bishevo, and there transferred to a different (smaller, because fitting into the entrance is hard) boat to see the blue lagoon.  Same thing as on Capri, sunlight on a white sand bottom inside a cave leads to weird, blue light.  Very  beautiful.  Then we whiled away  the afternoon on the beach in Bishevo (population  about 15.  That’s it.  The whole island.  There are a couple  of restaurants, and the dock with the whole cave tour industry, but only 15 people actually live there full time), had a lovely lunch (octopus salad) and took the boat back home.  A couple  of people  saw dolphins (Helena did) but by the time everybody was shouting ‘dolphins!’ and they turned off the boat so we could look, the dolphins were gone.  I  didn’t see them.
Still, the boat ride there and back, at high speed, bouncing along the waves with the wind in  our faces, was the highlight of the day, I think for all  of us.  Even more than the cave, and the cave was spectacular.

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