The Market Will Crash….

I kind of hate to take an easy swipe at Donald Trump over something stupid he said, because it kind of takes away from the last stupid thing he said, which takes away from the last stupid thing he said on and on forever, but what can we do?  They keep coming.

He said today that if he was impeached the market would crash, and everybody would be poorer.  Now, on the one hand, you could look at this as a sign of increasing desperation. He’s reached the “You’ll be sorry!” stage in his childish negotiating process.  It really did sound quite petulant.
But, let’s just deal with the threat itself.  If I recall correctly, there was no major market disruption after 9/11, during Bill Clinton’s impeachment, even after the assassination of  Kennedy.  I’m not sure you can even prove a correlation between world events and stock market events, except that a major  war will probably lead to big profits for weapons manufacturers.  So, I don’t think it’s likely to happen just because Trump gets impeached,  which  a lot of people kind of expect, anyway.
If Trump is saying that if he gets impeached,  he’s going to do something to  deliberately  crash the market, I don’t really think he’s capable of that, any more than he is of actually building a non-stop wall on the Mexican border.  So, if it’s a threat,  it’s an empty one.
The walls  are closing in on him.  As dumb as he  is, I think he realizes that.

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