One feature of Facebook that I’ve hated from the  beginning  has been ‘memories.’  It’s  not really about  personal memories, or  shared memories of great  events, just whatever somebody posted on any given day, and then the prompted to post it again, as a ‘memory’.  Well, here’s the deal.  If I  didn’t respond to it  when it was first posted, why should I comment on  it now? and, if I did respond to it at the tie, why are you bothering me with it again.
So, a couple of  days ago I started a new policy of hiding all of them and, despite the fact that it might actually take more time than to select and then hit ‘hide post for 30 days’ than it would just to scroll through and ignore them, but I guess I’m trying to make a very passive-aggressive point, and I’m imagining that there’s some sort of a Facebook customer service department that’s watching and saying “Aha!  There’s another one deleting the memories,” and then I’ll  feel very vindicated if they ever drop the feature.

Which they won’t, because  it’s very popular with a lot of people.  Which is why they are so irritating, and why I hide them immediately.  I’ve definitely noticed an uptick in the amount of good stuff I can see.

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