Who Burned the Museum Down? (Aliens)

Here’s my conspiracy theory re the Brazilian Museum Fire. (which is not getting near enough press, by the way.   This is one of the greatest losses to science since the Library of Alexandria got torched, or whatever it was happened to it, but compared to the shit show going on in Washington it’s just not grabbing the public’s attention)
First, when a building is consumed by flame like that, I automatically suspect arson.  I have a hard time believing that awesome conflagration was the result of a short circuit or, even less, one of those festival lantern things  landing on the roof.   Was the roof made of straw?
So, if it’s arson, there is the  question of motive, and that’s where it gets interesting.  Really, nobody had motive for destroying the whole museum.  Whatever the insurance payout is, it won’t be able to replace the collection.  So, I suspect there was one particular exhibit, out of the 20 million or so, that somebody really, really did not want to be seen.  Probably not any of the dinosaur fossils.  Lots of museums have those.  The Egyptian mummies?  Could’ve been a curse of some kind.
What could possibly be so sensitive that somebody would want to torch  a museum just to keep people from seeing it?
Maybe it was something to do with  the meteorite (which I think at least partially survived the fire) or perhaps something from an ancient human skeleton, or some relic from Machu Picchu, or the ancient Mayan Pyramids, but in one of the exhibits there was some proof that aliens visited the Earth  in the deep past.
I don’t claim to  understand extraterrestrial motivation, but I imagine if they are determined to remain here undetected, burning down a museum would be an easy thing for them to do.

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