Elon Musk

I am of mixed opinions about Elon Musk.  On the one hand, I am a huge advocate of space exploration, I think that this is an imperative thing for people to do.  We are human beings.  We did not come to dominate the Earth by being willing to stay in one place.  Also, the Earth and even our solar system are some day going  to die (O.K., in a couple of billion years, but it’s going to happen)  When that time comes, the people  of that time will be glad we listened to Elon Musk, or resent us mightily for not having done so.
But underpaying his employees, and drug testing them, is pretty bad.  It’s his company, so he can get away with it, but it’s a stain on his character, for sure.

I approve of solar energy, and like the idea that he’s making roof panels which are solar and cost as little as a conventional roof.  I like that he’s building off the grid, self-sufficient houses.  I think  electric cars are great and look forward to the day that they are the only cars on the road.  And don’t even get me started on hyper-loop trains.  Hyper-loop trains are just cool.

But, when the topic turns to Elon Musk, all the good progressives point out what an evil billionaire capitalist he is, and they make a compelling case.
Then, some trolls always jump in slagging him off in irrelevant ways.  There’s the whole ‘do we really need to go into space’ argument, which I give no credence at all.  One person left a comment, which provided the rage for me to write this blog, which said ‘solar energy  will always be shit.’  Well, no.  Solar energy has powered life on Earth since there has been life on Earth.  It can power all our industry, too, if we start collecting it more efficiently.
And if those are the wankers who are opposing him, I’m going to have to continue giving him the benefit of the doubt.

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