New York Primary

Fingers crossed for Cynthia Nixon and Zephyr Teachout in today’s primaries.  Nixon’s campaign has impressed me very much.  The first campaign ad I saw for  her, I commented immediately that it  struck me as 100% identity politics and there was no reason at all for me to support her on the basis of that, and it was almost as if she read my comment, because since then she has focused on the issues like  a laser, and they are the Bernie issues.  She’s big on single payer, and quick enough to defend it with facts, numbers and logic.  Smart lady.  She’s also been  very vocal about legalizing marijuana.  She barely mentions at all that she’s a lady, that she’s a  lesbian, that she was one of the stars of a popular TV series…

I never did see it, but it doesn’t matter.  She could have played a murderous psychopath, and it shouldn’t make a difference.  But, politically, it kind of does.  People elected Arnold Schwarzenegger, no doubt hoping he would kick some ass, or at least get in some snappy one-liners – which he did, although I think his record as governor is  mixed, at best.  Ronald Reagan always played a good guy, especially in those Bonzo movies.  The guy who played Radar O’Reilly (I  forget the actor’s name – he’s so  totally associated with the role) only got elected because his TV character was so likable.
Can you imagine anybody  voting for Anthony Perkins?  How about Robert Englund?  I don’t think so.
Anyway, I particularly like Zephyr Teachout, not just because of her totally cool name, but because she’s promised to go after Trump, which  she would be in a very good position to do as Attorney General of New York.  Trump is a New York resident, and owns lots of businesses there.  She could destroy  him on code violations.
So I wish them both, and all of the progressive candidates running, the best of luck.

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