Blindfolding the Observatory

Well, I’m bummed about the New York primary, and outraged about the Dallas cop who killed a guy in his own apartment because (she says) she thought he was an intruder in hers (she lived downstairs), and the Dallas PD is  doing everything it can to smear the victim and make excuses for the cop, so she’ll probably get off.  I’ve got a theory about it: They’d had a brief fling, but he decided to break it off, because the convenience of  her living in the same building was outweighed by her being kind of nasty, so she showed up drunk and in uniform, albeit off  duty, and  killed him.
I am mildly pleased that Manafort is  copping a plea and co-operating with Mueller, but I thought that had happened already, so it comes as a bit of an anti-climax.
The thing I really  want to talk about is  the closure of  the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico.  It happened on the 6th of  September but I’m just hearing about it today, which makes me suspicious right there.  Of course, it’s a hard story  for the press to cover because anybody they can interview – like the local sheriff – can only  say they don’t know  what’s going on because the FBI, with a black helicopter and  all – aren’t telling anybody.
I’ve heard the  sunspot theory, like they saw a solar flare which is going to  extinguish all life on  Earth, or  at least knock  out our electrical  system.  But, you’d think that’s something the FBI would  warn people  about, so  they  could get underground, stock  up on bottled water and candles, that kind  of  stuff.  I’ve heard the Chinese spying theory, that somehow they’d hacked the antennae to spy on the nearby White Sands missile range.  But, it’s been over a week.  How long does it  take to replace a couple of antennae?
I think  it’s aliens.   The good folks at the NSO probably found confirmation of  the signals from the Borra-Trottier star systems.  I don’t know why the U.S. federal  government would  want to keep that secret from  all  the people of the world, or what they think gives them the right, but I’m absolutely certain the government WOULD lie to us about it.  It’s their default mode.

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