India, China, the USA and the Czech Republic

The two nicest things I saw today were that in India, they are building a completely new city on the banks of the Krishna River (Hare Krishna!), which they are calling ‘the world’s most sustainable,’ and it will have all sorts of cool stuff like canals and water taxis, and electric buses and bike lanes, and lots and lots of trees, and solar panels on the rooftops, and they are expecting it to have a population of about 3 and a half million people, and in China they have built the world’s first ‘solar road’ which is a real, driveable road constructed from solar panels.  The road is only a couple of kilometers long, so it’s definitely in the prototype category, or you could say experimental.  If it works, though, that would be awesome because there is a huge amount of surface area worldwide tied up in roads and if that could be used it would help a great deal to save the planet within the 12 year time frame we have been given.
Meanwhile, in the world’s most powerful country, there have been multiple hate crimes, the worst of which was the lunatic who came into a Jewish Synagogue and murdered 11 people, because he really, really didn’t like Jews.  The incident in Kentucky was also racially motivated, but against blacks.  There were only two victims, which doesn’t even count, officially, as a mass murder in the U.S., because mass murders are so common as of late.
In my adopted homeland of the Czech Republic, we celebrated 100 years since the founding of Czechoslovakia, but it  was a half-hearted celebration.  Czechoslovakia hasn’t existed since 1993, but nobody celebrates that because that was a break-up.  I wonder if the Slovaks are celebrating today?  Hope so.
There was a big military parade in the afternoon, the kind of thing Trump wanted in the U.S., but nobody was very impressed.  The Czech Republic isn’t at all known as a military power, and if they’d wanted to have a parade to celebrate the country’s strengths, there should have been a parade of athletes and beer drinkers.  Also, it was a very rainy day, so  I’m not  sure if there were even any fireworks.
Scorecard for the day: We’re not doing as spectacularly as the Indians and the Chinese on the green front, but thank goodness we’re not the USA.

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