Why Right Wingers Win

I’m quite worried by Bolsonaro’s election.  Partly because of Brazil’s size (both in population and in area, it’s more than 50% of South America), partly because he’s not even shy about being perceived as pro-torture (pro-torture – when did that come to be an acceptable position? – oh, right, the U.S. did that), and partly because, being a right wing jerk, he’s likely to just let lumber and agricultural interests clear cut the Amazon, to the extreme detriment of the entire human race.
Another reason his election worries me, though, is that it’s part of a trend.  The U.S. has Trump, of course, but there’s also Britain, where the government is so far to the right that they’re leaving the European Union, the Czech Republic (where the Prime Minister is also one of the countries wealthiest people), and Poland.
What the hell is going on?  All the main stream media just prattle on about “populism” and a “feeling of frustration among the voters” and “disenfranchisement” and bullshit phrases like that, but the answer is  much simpler.
It’s money.  Just as American politics are  dominated by the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelstein and people like that, in addition to the oil companies, and the big banks, and the arms manufacturers, and the pharmaceutical industry, so are other countries.  Campaign cash wins elections, and the rich have a lot of it to  spend.  In many cases, the donors might be the same across national boundaries.  The biggest corporations are all transnational, you know.
It almost seemed, in 2016, that Bernie Sanders,  with his huge number of $27 donors, would be able to compete with them, but they screwed him.  No, we won’t be able to beat them with money, because they have almost all the money.  What we do have is the truth, all the good issues, and social media to spread our message on.  That is going to have to be enough.  If we expect to save the planet, and the human race, that is going to have to be enough.  We’ve got 12 years.


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