Getting Away With Bullshit

I posted a post two days ago (I’ve looked at the time, in fact it’s almost exactly 48 hours as I’m writing this) on what I think is the most important issue facing  us at this moment in history, which is that we’ve got 12 years to totally reverse course on pumping greenhouse gasses into the air before catastrophic global warming becomes irreversible, and we begin the death spiral which will end with planet Earth becoming uninhabitable, except in the post I wrote ‘inhabitable,’ which is not a bad thing at all.  We want the Earth to be inhabitable, because we inhabit it.
Well, the post drew a handful of likes and comments.  Perhaps not many, by some people’s standards, but a lot of the stuff I post gets no response at all, so I was satisfied.  Then, today, somebody finally noticed the error.

Today, I was watching a documentary about Christopher Wren.  Now, at some point a long time ago, I picked up a little nugget of history I thought was very interesting, which  is that nobody actually died in the Great Fire of London  in 1666.  Lots of property damage, of course, but you weren’t dealing with high rise buildings, the damage took place over a 4 day period, and everybody made it down to the river.  I’ve been repeating that for decades, whenever the subject of the Great Fire of London happens to  come up in conversation.  Turns out it’s not true.  The official death toll is 6, which is still not many, but it’s not zero, and it may have been higher by a bit, because back then they didn’t keep careful records, and a lot of the people  were poor and nobody gave a damn if they disappeared from the face of the Earth.
So, I was wrong about that one, but of all the people I’ve ever repeated it to, nobody’s ever called my bluff.
Unfortunately, it is very easy to just spout off with any old nonsense and get away with it.

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