Trump in Pittsburgh

Donald Trump is in Pittsburgh right now, offending as many people as egregiously as possible, either because he’s retarded or he’s just that much of a jerk or (and in his case, this is what I believe) both.
After he said that the gunman wouldn’t have killed the eleven elderly people that he did if they’d had armed guards – this despite the fact that the gunman shot 3 perfectly well armed policeman, and despite the fact that most institutes of  religion would be a bit uncomfortable with the whole concept of armed guards, and despite the fact that it was Trumps sustained racist and xenophobic rhetoric that  probably led to the attack in the first place – the mayor of Pittsburgh had told him to stay away.  Lots of Pittsburgh citizens agreed – thousands signed a petition.  Yet Trump came.
A couple of other things: the night after the event, he had one of his hate rallies and used the song ‘Happy’ by Will Farrell, which is about as inappropriate a choice of songs as possible.  Farrell’s lawyers sent Trump a letter, telling him to never use his music again.
Mike Pence, who is actually just as big a jerk as Trump, although that’s hard to believe, brought in a rabbi to say a few words, which would be decent enough, but the rabbi was a “Jew for Jesus,” which most people would define as a ‘race traitor’ or simply ‘a Christian.’  It was probably the only Jewish person Pence knew, but that’s no excuse.  If you need a rabbi to speak at a funeral, you can find one the same way you’d find anyone else.  On the internet.
I know this is all just piling on, and other people have said the same things I just did, but it needs to be said and repeated.  The handling of this incident was insensitive and hurtful, even by Trump standards, and they are the lowest standards anybody has ever seen.

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