Uneven Stakes

There’s one thing that really irritates me about climate change deniers.  I don’t mean the climate change deniers who live paycheck to paycheck and vote for Donald Trump.  They are morons who actually  think all  the scientists are wrong, so they’re not necessarily evil.  They don’t actually think they are risking the future of the whole human race.  Being stupid is not a good thing, but it’s not a crime, it’s not something people can help.

I’m talking about the boards of directors of the oil companies, and the ‘scientists’ and lobbyists who work for  them.  They know damned well that climate change is real, is man made, is going to become hideously catastrophic very soon, and could be reversed.

The one thing that irritates me is that it wouldn’t even cost them any money to convert to a green economy.  The oil companies, as corporations, have billions of dollars.  That’s enough that they could start investing in things other than oil.  They could invest in real estate, or entertainment, or some up and coming tech firms.  They could invest in space.  Or, they could invest in Green Energy.
With the kind of money they’ve got, they could buy up a big, derelict old factory in every derelict old factory town (and there are plenty of those), convert them to manufacturing solar panels, and have them all up and running inside a year, probably less.  Everybody keeps their jobs, the company keeps making money, and the Earth doesn’t get destroyed.

We are fighting against them because this is a life and death struggle.  They are fighting against us because converting to a Green Economy would cause them a slight inconvenience.


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