Bezos Exposes Pecker!

Bezos Exposes Pecker! screamed the headline of the Washington Post which is (coincidentally, I’m sure) owned by world’s richest man and supervillain archetype Jeff Bezos.
The incident is that this guy Pecker (David Pecker?  I think so.  It’s late at night and I’m not going to look it up) threatened to expose naked pictures of Jeff Bezos.  The articles I’ve read did not say whether or not aforesaid pictures included Lauren Sanchez, Bezos main squeeze.  I don’t know if it’s relevant or not, but it would certainly make them interesting to a wider demographic.  Seriously, nobody wants to see nude pics of Jeff Bezos.
All Pecker was asking, as a ransom,  was that  Bezos issue some kind of statement  about political impartiality.  What it  boiled down  to is  that Pecker (who is the owner of the National  Enquirer and a good buddy of, and possible witness against, Donald Trump) thinks the Washington Post (i.e. Bezos) is being too mean to his Trumpety Wumpety.
I’ve got mixed feelings about this.  Some may think that a guy named Willie should be a bit more sympathetic to people whose names are going to be dick  jokes.  Not at all.  I didn’t cut Weiner any slack, and Pecker’s no different.
Seriously, though, mixed feelings.  First, it is definitely a clash of Titans and might be amusing.  Second, if the Washington Post was really ragging on Trump, I must have missed it.  I  mean, everybody  in the world reported it when Trump misspelled hamburger.  The Washington Post I’m sure was no different.  They haven’t exactly condemned the rush to fuck-up in Venezuela (I don’t think, because nobody has.)  I generally don’t read the Washington Post unless somebody links to it.  Third,  even  though he’s an  evil  oligarch who didn’t start paying his workers a living wage until Bernie called him up and said “Hey, dude….”, good for him for not paying the blackmail.  Fuck this Pecker dude.

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  1. correction: the newspaper may have been the New York Post, and not the Washington Post.

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