The Twisted Vision of The View

One of the classic arguments for electing female candidates is that that will make the world a kinder, gentler place, but you sure as hell would never guess that from watching the flamboyantly ignorant Meghan McCain and the gang of Merry Warmongers on The View.  I don’t even get what that show is all about – a collection of female minor celebrities, sharing their ill informed opinions – I guess it is sort of the TV version of the Huffington Post.
Anyway, it was claws out the other day when they hosted the perfectly amiable congresswoman from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard.  They are all in favor of more conflict in Syria, plus invading Venezuela.  Here’s the point I want to make:  while Venezuela is at least a current issue, the Syria invasion took place a while back. (Trump was not even in office yet.  That one is on Obama.)  But, Tulsi Gabbard was against it.  She pointed out that Syria is, whatever you think of their internal politics, no threat to the U.S.  Which is true.  There are no Syrian submarines lying in wait  just outside of New York’s harbor, there are no Syrian tank battalions revving their engines on the Mexican border, and not one American city has been bombed by the Syrian Air Force, like, ever.  She also pointed out that attempts at regime change invariably hurt the civilian populations of those countries, and don’t do the American citizens any good at all, unless of course you’re an executive of an oil company.  And, the main thing, the one thing that nobody should ever forget and the point of tonight’s blog, is SHE WAS RIGHT.  U.S. intervention in Syria has been a big mistake.  It has cost money, it has cost lives, and it has not accomplished anything at all.
And yet, somehow they want Tulsi to be the bad guy, because she opposed it.  That, my friends, is some seriously ass-backwards logic.

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