DiFi vs. The Future of the Planet

The link is to a video you should watch.  Sure, it’s just Dianne Feinstein being her arrogant, dismissive self, but the thing is Dianne Feinstein is really old, and perhaps not as glib and quick witted as she used to be.  So, her ‘I don’t give a shit what you think’ attitude is not as cleverly disguised, and comes shining through like a beacon.
A bunch of school kids came to her office, with a lovely printed up statement, asking her very nicely if she good get behind the Green New Deal because they’re only kids, and they’d like to grow up to be adults and not choke to death on the air.
DiFi’s response, as I just said, was pretty shocking even for her.  Basically, she said “You’re just a bunch of kids and you’re not old enough to vote and I’ve been in congress since before your parents were old enough to have sex, so I know what I’m doing and you all can just piss off.”  Those aren’t the exact words, but they’re a lot closer than you might think.

The line that really threw me was when the kids rebutted her and said “But the U.N. report said we have to turn the situation around in 10 years or it will be environmentally catastrophic.”  Well, again those aren’t the exact words, and the U.N. report said 12 years, not 10, but their basic point was right on.  Feinstein said “It’s not going to be turned around in 10 years.”

It could be.  We know how to build solar panels, we know how to build windmills, and countries from China to Germany are building them like crazy.  The world could put up enough solar panels and windmills to convert all current power plants to clean energy in no more than a year or two, and after that the money (i.e. the cheap and plentiful energy to power a civilization) would just come rolling in.  We know how to plant trees, and there’s pretty much no limit to the number.  China and India have both done events where they planted hundreds of thousands of trees in a day.  We know how to recycle garbage, with far greater efficiency than we currently do.

We could do it in 10 years, especially if we start right away.  And one of the first steps is to get rid of nasty old bats like Dianne Feinstein.

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