I’ve been watching OA with the wife, and it’s a trying experience.  First, I’m not sure if I like the show or not.  I do find it sort of compelling, but it’s the slowest goddamned development I’ve even seen in a TV show.  I started watching because the blurbs said ‘other dimension’ and that is a theme with serious potential.  It was done, very badly, in Sliders and ever since then I have thought “That had the potential to be a good series if it hadn’t starred that puke Jerry O’Connell and the fat British dude who just seemed to have wandered onto the wrong set.  And, if the writing wasn’t shit.”  Well, The OA is about as different from Sliders as it’s possible, I’ll give it that.
They don’t actually start jumping dimensions until season two, and then they do it by means of that ridiculous 5 movement chicken dance, which the writers may have hoped people would pick up and it would be a thing, but it’s just the dorkiest looking thing in the world and, apparently, it not only can help you change dimensions, it can also cure Lou Gehrig’s disease, bring people back from the dead, and prevent school shootings.
It’s fascinating, but there is just too much time spent on people looking depressed and angsty, while the music plays.
Also, Helena keeps asking questions.  I give her the best answer I can, and she asks another.  She asks again, and my answer gets a little sharper, and then she’s like “Stop yelling at me!”  But, at least we’ve found a program we can watch together.  She refuses to even look at Star Trek.


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2 responses to “OA

  1. I know, right? It’s like they teased us for a season, fondled the scro, then kicked us in the bag with that ridiculous chicken dance! WTF were they thinking? It’s like the show wasn’t pulling ratings, so they brought in some ‘new guns’ as writers. Sadly, they were a failed dance troupe from some gawdawful backwoods shithole off-off-off-off-off Broadway, and these fruit loops finally saw their chance to ‘share the true meaning of dance’ with the Masses. The wife and I were laughing so hard we thought it was a joke. Maybe they should’ve tried tap dancing? Oh, hell yes: IRISH DANCING! Now there’s the Key to the Fookin Universe: fookin’ RIVERDANCE. LOL!


  2. Glad you agree with me on the dance. Still watching it, but I’ll be damned if I know what the hell is going on.

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