Free Chelsea Manning!

What the United States government is doing to Chelsea Manning is absolutely disgraceful.  First off, what she did, the crime she served so many years in jail for, was actually an act of extreme heroism.  Does anyone think we should not have known that American soldiers were murdering Iraqi civilians for shits and giggles?

But, they threw her in jail for it.  Obama did eventually do the right thing by pardoning her, although he sure waited long enough to do it.
Now, she’s back in jail.  Groups monitoring this say she’s back in solitary confinement, which is horrifying.  I’m surprised she hasn’t suffered brain damage by now, she’s spent so much time in solitary.
This time there isn’t even a charge except, I guess, contempt of court maybe, because she’s refusing to testify in the Wikileaks case.  I don’t understand why she doesn’t agree to testify and then be real forgetful on the stand.  Major league politicians have huge lapses of memory when they are up on that stand, and most of them did NOT spend years in solitary confinement.
I suppose she has a high standard of principles and honor.  Higher than me, at any rate.  I sit here and right a blog, but I’m not risking jail time.
Secondly, WHAT Wikileaks case?  Wikileaks is not located in the U.S., so the U.S. has no jurisdiction, and they  are a news source, meaning they shouldn’t have to give up their sources.  In addition to that, Wikileaks are the good guys.  It’s the U.S. government that’s behind all the killing.
The main thing that bothers me about this case, though, is that it’s clearly double jeopardy, which is illegal.  She’s served time, she’s been pardoned, that should be an end on it.  Yes, I know, she’s not actually charged with a crime this time (which makes it worse, not better), they’re just holding her until she testifies.  Technically.  It’s still all about Wikileaks, and it’s nothing but pure shit and vindictiveness.

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