It’s Just Another Day

I am stuck for a blog topic.  I was thinking of writing about Justin Bieber quitting music, which I’m all in favor of, but it turns out it was just a rumor.  I considered writing about the 57-0 vote against the Green New Deal in the Senate, but a quick look showed that that, too, was deceptive.  Most Democrats voted ‘present’ which is the same as abstaining, which means they didn’t actually vote AGAINST it.  Of course, Manchin and Sinema voted with the Republicans, because they really are Republicans in all but name.  I considered writing about a meme I’ve seen to often, which says something like “everyone is a genius in their own way” but what I have to say about that can be summed up in one sentence:  It only makes sense if you totally change the meaning of the word genius.
So, I’ll just write about my day.  I finished a poem this morning, one I’ve been working on for a while and I’m quite pleased with.  So, I’ll have it ready for my poetry reading Thursday.   I was getting worried.  Then, we went to our usual Italian restaurant for lunch, which was different, I think it’s the first time I’ve eaten there that I didn’t have pizza.  Had a chicken breast stuffed with spinach covered in a cheese sauce.  It was very good, especially the sauce, which was both very cheesy and very abundant.  Came home, but, big lunch and all, a nap was required.  Ordered some of my own books from Create Space so, if anybody wants any, I’ll have them available.  Watched a couple of episodes of Deep Space Nine on Netflix, and then one episode of the OA, which is super confusing and I suspect there are plot holes galore, it’s just that there’s too much going on for anybody to figure it all out.

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