A New Lady President

Slovakia, our sister nation to the East, has elected a lady President.  Zuzana Čaputova’s main claim to fame is that, as a lawyer, she went up against big landfill, and she won.  Dragged on in the courts for ten years, but she got the landfill blocked.  So, she’s been called ‘The Slovak Erin Brockovic” and more power to her on that.  We need fewer landfills and better recycling to create a clean, stable environment for our future utopia.
Her campaign was big against corruption, and that’s another plus.  It’s also a big wait-and-see.  Plenty of politicians have got into office swearing to root out corruption and then changed their tune a bit when they realized how easy it was, and how much money was involved.
I don’t think it’s real relevant that she’s a woman.  I suppose it’s a good thing, just to balance the scales a bit, but there have been plenty of bad female leaders in history as well.  I like Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand quite when, but Theresa May … well, if Trump did not exist, all the stupidest leader in the known world jokes would have her as the punchline.  Identity politics is bogus.
At any rate, Čaputova seems to be all right. I am cautiously optimistic about her future, and Slovakia’s.  We will see.

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  1. Let’s diss Margaret Thatcher as well as Mrs. May.

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