Minor Problems

There are serious problems facing the human race at the moment.  Overpopulation, global warming, refugees, economic inequality, racism, ignorance, hate, greed, and all the issues of privacy and individual identity that are taking place as computers become more and more intelligent and people start to live more and more online.
Nevertheless, people tend to have really strong opinions about guns, abortion, Israel and issues which are even less central to the human experience, like circumcision, and whether or not pineapple belongs on a pizza.  (I like it just fine, in case you were wondering)
Today, I saw a post about how dog pee was killing trees.  Seriously.  O.K., the example given was Manhattan, where there are far too few trees, but I still don’t see it as a major problem.  It has to be a pretty small tree, getting peed on by a large number of dogs, before it’s going to make a difference.

And, A dog has to pee somewhere. A tree, at least, is better than your house, or your car.

As laughably minor as this problem is, the solution is obvious.  Plant more trees. If the trees in urban areas were increased tenfold, which would be easy to accomplish as many streets have no trees along them at all, then each individual tree would only be pissed on 1/10th as much, which I imagine they can deal with as trees tend to be far larger than dogs.

Also, the trees would clean the air and save the planet. But let’s just focus on the dog-pee problem first.

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  1. Plant more trees everywhere. They are not only for dogs to pee on, they absorb some of the CO2 in the air & help in a small way to reduce global warming.

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