My latest Netflix obsession is a show called Continuum, which is basically a formula cop show with a gimmick, but the gimmick is time travel, and I love time travel shows enough that I can overlook how much I hate formula cop shows.
Lady cop (kind of hot) from the future, teams up with a big, good looking, muscular man cop but he doesn’t know she’s from the future, he’s got a Hispanic last name for a few extra PC points, there is the tough but fair, skeptical but result minded precinct captain, the quirky nerdgirl with the computers, and lots of other cliches.  (Fortunately, they don’t have a forensic pathologist with a dark sense of humor)
She got zapped into the past along with a bunch of “terrorists” who I kind of sympathize with because the future is controlled by corporations, and aforesaid lady cop is flying around in a cop-o-copter, with all sorts of special weaponry and computer gadgets implanted so she can see stuff like with google glass and everything is recorded.
In the past (2012) she runs into the 18 year old (I’m guessing, but it’s that within a couple of years) version of the guy she knows as the Bill Gates of 2077, who is an old man, and I guess he hates himself, or the world he’s created, because he sent them all back to change things without any specific instructions.
And, also, he sent back a super badass cop and a bunch of criminals, which would seem like they’d just cancel each other out.

Sometimes it seems like being from the future can be a superpower in itself, like now that we’re in season two, she can become invisible, and there hasn’t been much explanation of it, I guess Mr. Younger Computer Genius managed to upgrade her supersuit, with capabilities it didn’t even have in 2077.
There’s also one character I like very much, because he was one of the gang of terrorists awaiting execution who got sent back but, whereas all the rest are like “Fuck, yeah, let’s change the past by killing all sorts of people,” and ladycop is like “I have to get back to my husband and son in the future” he’s like “Hey, I’m going to make a lot of money by clever investments and live like an early 21st century billionaire, because that’s awesome” and I’m like “Dayum, finally fantasy writers put somebody in who isn’t completely stupid,” so I like the show.
Another thing I like is that a couple of the actors from Travelers have put in an appearance, and I’m wondering, ‘what if they really ARE from the future and just messing with everybody’s heads by becoming actors and only playing people who come from the future,’ because that would be awesome.

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