Trump vs. the Windmills

President Trump has got to be retarded, or something worse.  As evidence, let us consider some of his recent (last couple of days) statements on windmills.  He says that nobody will be able to watch TV if the wind is not blowing, but that’s not actually how things work.  He says they kill massive numbers of birds, but they don’t, really.  Oh, sure, occasionally a bird will fly into the blades, but there are more killed by the windshields of speeding cars and trucks, or by getting sucked up into jet engines.  Probably most of all are killed by toxic air, a problem the windmills are there to solve.  He says that they will reduce the value of your property by 75%, but there is no evidence to back that up, and he says that nobody wants to live near them, which is true, but nobody needs to, either.  Windmills can be placed in places where people never go, out in the middle of a cow pasture for instance.
He also says that the sound from the windmills can cause cancer, which is bullshit.  There are some environmental factors which can cause cancer, of course.  Smoking.  Getting too many X-Rays.  Using radioactive paint to make your skin light up in UV light, in order to impress people at costume parties.  Being in the vicinity of a nuclear meltdown.
But not sound.  Sound can make you deaf, but it’s not going to give you cancer.

Wind Power is coming, just as sure as the wind blows.  The only question is whether we’ll switch to it out of necessity, at some point 2 or 3 decades in the future when the oil has all run out, or now.
Now would be better.

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