Front Runner Status

(note – I am still a Gabbard supporter and she appears to be within a couple thousand donors of that 65,000 individual donor threshold, which may have been designed to keep lesser known candidates out of the debates but actually amounts to a buy-in, which should be against the rules, instead of being the rule.  I love her anti-war stance, her ‘lead with  love’ slogan, and her whole persona.  But, to love Tulsi is to love Bernie, too, because on most issues they are indistinguishable.)

I saw three articles today saying ‘Bernie is now the front-runner,’ which is kind of a left-handed compliment, as they say, because he’s been the front runner ever since he’s announced, but still…we’ve been begging the media to stop ignoring him, so if that’s what’s happening, I welcome it.
One was from Daily Kos, whose polls he keeps winning even though they sometimes do stuff like forget to interview anybody who’s under 30.  Another was from The New Republic, and a third was from Jake Tapper.
Well, three in one day is a big deal, it’s triangulation, maybe even a trend. I am glad they are recognizing the obvious.  Since Bernie Sanders has consistently been America’s most popular politician, for the last couple of years, it was kind of a no-brainer that if he announced, he would be that automatic front-runner.

Add to that, he’s in favor of Medicare for All (it’s his program), a $15 an hour minimum wage (which he’s won for employees at Amazon and Disneyland, without even getting legislation passed), legalizing marijuana, ending private prisons, repairing infrastructure and converting to a green economy (although Green New Deal is a much catchier title), and taxing the living shit out of the rich, all ideas which are supported by a large majority of the American people, and you’ve got an almost unstoppable candidate.
Almost.  The DNC will do anything they can to cheat him, and if they can stop him from having over 50% on the first ballot, they could go ahead and nominate whoever the fuck they please.

And then Trump would win again, but that’s just the way the DNC rolls.
So, front runner or not, he’s got his work cut out for him.  He doesn’t just have to beat old Joe Biden, lightweight Pete Buttigieg, corrupt Kamala, lame Lizzie, Amy ‘the mean boss’ Klobuchar and Kirsten ‘who?’ Gillibrand.  He has to beat them all combined.
A tall order, but I believe he can do it.

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  1. John Roundtree

    lightweight Pete Buttigieg? I don’t know about that.

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