Sanders Big Town Hall

I watched the Fox Town Hall with Bernie Sanders, and I think Sanders might have just sealed the deal.  Not just the nomination, but the presidency.
First, I’d like to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable and professional the hosts seemed.  Sure, some of their questions may have been combative, but they were fair, and they didn’t interrupt him or talk over him.  Tulsi Gabbard got treated far worse on The View.
Of course, Bernie hit all of the questions out of the park.  He always does.  I particularly liked his answer to the question “Is Joe Biden a progressive.”  He just said Biden was a friend of his and he didn’t want to talk about him.  It was a sign that he intends to run a clean campaign, just like in 2016.  It’s one thing I really like about him.  The rest of us, of course, Bernie’s keyboard army, can continue to call him Gropin’ Joe, or just keep reminding people of his role the the Anita Hill scandal,  and a whole bunch of other shit which exists because Joe Biden, simply, is not progressive.
The main thing, of course, is that Sanders went on Fox News.  It was gutsy, walking into the enemy gangs HQ, and I’m sure that has not gone unnoticed.  It was possibly Bernie’s biggest TV audience ever.  The Democratic debates were always scheduled opposite football games, or something.
Then there is that consistent detail of Sanders’ political career, which is that the more people know about him, the more they like him.  For a lot of viewers, this may have been their first serious exposure to Sanders.  That’s a game changer.

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  1. DW

    He was great! They still tried to get him with questions like “Why don’t you pay more taxes than you owe if you think tax rates should be higher” and they probably thought they were going to get him when they asked the audience how many would give up their private insurance for medicare-for-all but it backfired. A Fox crowd chanting “Bernie, Bernie”. That’s something.

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