The Green New Deal Video

Well, here is a cute, little video from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, or AOC as we so like to say, it sounds sort of cool, like we know her or something.  It’s all about The Green New Deal,

It’s great because it’s short, it’s sweet, and it communicates the main points.  It’s like that style that Robert Reich uses when he talks about the economy, how you film the artist sketching the illustrations, and then speed it up.  Only in color, and with more detailed drawing.  Kudos to Molly Crabapple, by the way.  Good job.
She talks a bit about what climate change is, and then presents some of the main points of a green new deal.  Bullet trains, of course, which are awesome, and everybody getting green jobs, and a bit about what those jobs might be, and she also mentioned medicare for all, which is great but I kind of think of that as a separate issue.
I would have like to have seen her say more about reforestation, because I see that as the key to reducing carbon in the atmosphere, and also I’m really into trees.  Trees are awesome.  There is nothing about them that is bad for human beings, plus they look nice.
I would have liked it if she’d said a bit more about having lots of small, organic farms, and screw Monsanto, and I would have liked her to say more about bike paths, urban gardens, and recycling.
But, you only have 7 minutes, and you’ve got to make choices.  It’s a beautiful video.  Check it out.

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