Mueller (redacted)

Well, the Mueller report, albeit redacted, has been  released to the public, which is cool  Now the great search to read between the lines begins, and I’m not being sarcastic.  It was the 18 minutes (is that the right number?) of blank tape that did Nixon in, more than what was said.
Also, there is bound to be some incriminating stuff even in what was not redacted.  Basically, the individual being investigated, suspect #1, Demagogue Don, is a mess.  He is a fat blob of criminality, racism, and stupidity.  If he spoke to the investigation, he certainly lied.
The question is, does anybody want to impeach? There was enough evidence within a week or two of him assuming office that he was using his office for profit, spending government funds for his own benefit, and practicing an insane level of cronyism and nepotism.
My suspicion is that Nancy and Friends will continue with the non-impeaching until it’s close enough to election time that they can say “It’s too close to election time,” which is really a bullshit approach, that would be a great time to impeach.  But, they won’t impeach and then they’ll act all surprised whend he gets a second term.

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  1. David Davis

    I agree that Pelosi isn’t up to this. Only a radical can defeat a radical. AOC anyone?

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