Piss Off, Joe. People Say No.

Joe Biden is running.  It’s official.  Well, sort of official.  Lots of newspapers have quoted credible sources as saying that he will make his announcement next week.  That seems to be the way people are doing it lately.  Leak that you’re going to make an official announcement about a week before the official announcement, then make the official announcement.
I can understand the political logic, but I can’t say I think it’s effective.  You get two news cycles instead of one, but you lose the Big Boom effect.  Which might not have been that great anyway, because everybody expected him to run.
But, he won’t win.  There’s no way he’ll win.  He’ll run as the centrist candidate, of course, but there’s already Harris, Klobuchar, Gillibrand and a couple of others fighting it out for that niche, and that niche is not even the winning niche.
He’s not going to win the women’s vote.  Partly because of the ‘creepy old groping Joe’ issue, which bothers every woman who’s ever written #metoo, and they are legion.  And partly because of the Clarence Thomas hearings, which offended those same women.  Biden has lived long enough to offend two distinct generations of feminist, and a majority of the women who say “I’m not a feminist” are probably already Trump voters.
He’s certainly not going to win the youth vote.  For the most part, Bernie’s got that.  Those young people who want a young person can choose between Pete Buttigieg and Tulsi Gabbard.  They certainly aren’t going to vote for old Joe.
But the most damning thing is that he doesn’t have an issue.  Andrew Yang’s got UBI, and Marianne Williamson has the reparations issue. Admittedly, those aren’t much, but they are issues.  Bernie and Tulsi, on the other hand, have lots of issues, issues where they agree with a majority of the American public, issues which are just common sense.  Stop the wars.  Create a greener world, and stop climate change.  Free college.  Legalize marijuana. End private prisons.   Tax the rich.
Joe Biden says rich people aren’t the problem.
He has no chance of winning the presidency, in this or any other year, for the rest of his life.  Nor should he.

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