The Zoo at Chleby

We took a long drive out to a small village today, to visit a small zoo.  The village  is Chleby, which means breads, and it seemed the zoo was their largest, in fact their only, attraction.  This is not a negative statement about Chleby.  There are lots and lots of villages and small towns around the world which have no attractions at all, and yet people live in them quite happily.

It was a lovely Spring day.  Helena mentioned, when we were about halfway there, that she had had no idea how far it was, and I said it didn’t matter because it was a lovely drive, and it was.  The canola is in full flower, and yellow is the new green.

The zoo cost a bit more to get in than we thought, and, as far as zoos go, was one of the lamest I’ve ever seen.  Statues of animals seemed to outnumber actual animals, and some of the animals on exhibit were chickens and goats.  Kids could feed the goats and deer (10 kc for food) and there was a big playground for little kids and a couple of snack bars.  Isabel had her picture taken with a parrot on her shoulder and the parrot grabbed her glasses right off her face and threw them on the ground, that was pretty funny.  There were camels, looking shabby and shedding and out of place, and a couple of bears.  That was it, about 45 minutes maybe, and we were through.

It wasn’t much of a zoo for the price, and I’m not recommending it.  It was a lovely day for a trip though, and a nice walk in a small village.

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  1. Geertjan Wielenga

    If some of the animals were chickens and goats, you were at a farm, not a zoo…

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