Pete Buttigieg, the gentrifier of neighborhoods, the sacker of one who exposed racism in the police, and otherwise rather forgettable mayor of South Bend, Indiana, took a pot shot at Bernie the other day.  Well, not actually at Bernie, but at Bernie supporters, whose votes he would theoretically need if by some fluke he were to win the Democratic nomination.  He said we’re like Trump supporters.
To be fair to Pete, whose main qualification for the presidency seems to be youthful good looks,  sort of like a gay John Edwards (remember John Edwards?), his full statement was a little bit longer, and he said we’re alike in that we’re both outraged at the system and want to blow it up.
Except that instituting universal health care is not blowing the system up.  It would actually improve the system quite a bit, by making it simpler, more economically efficient, and less likely to kill people.  Ditto free college tuition.  That has nothing to do with tearing the system down.  Green environment.  Very system positive.  Makes the system self-sustaining, in fact.  Will add years to the system.     Raising the minimum wage only threatens the system if you’re a business owner who is paying their employees less than $15 an hour.  If you’re somebody who makes less than that, Sanders is going to make the system work for you.
In other words, we’re nothing at all like Trump supporters.  We support a candidate who has a positive plan for the future of the country, and we agree with it.  Trump supporters support Trump because he is an ignorant, racist yahoo, just like them.
So, piss off, Pete.  We’re not having it.

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