Another One is Going to Bite the Dust

Seth Moulton, a not terribly well known congressman from Massachusetts, is the latest Democrat to announce a run for the presidency.  They’re almost up to 20 now.  It’s more crowded than the Republican primaries of 2016.
Which might not be a bad thing.  It brings a lot of attention to the debates, and the Republicans did, in the end, win, so it could work out.  Except, there’s no reason to believe that the Democrats have any intention of nominating the most popular (that would be Bernie) candidate, and it seems likely that the whole thing is a ploy to make sure Bernie doesn’t get 51% of the delegates on the first ballot.  After that, the Superdelegates kick in, and they can nominate any human dog turd they like, because they aren’t bothered at all about screwing their own voters.
At a quick browse of his policies, Seth Moulton is an attractive candidate.  He’s for the Green New Deal, but would like to emphasize the job creation aspect of it.  Fair enough, I’m good with that.  He wants to reduce military spending, which I’m all for, and abolish the Electoral College, which I’m not against although I think it’s just a feelgood issue for this year, and give statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico, which is way cool.  Also, he was one of the chief opponents of Pelosi getting the speakership, which makes me really like him because Pelosi is a nasty old prune faced multi-millionairess.
Not so great on Medicare for All. He’s one of those ‘there are better ways’ hypocrites.  If you’re in favor of everybody getting health care, you should be in favor of Medicare for All.  It’s one of those litmus test things.
The other thing is, if he’s in favor of a Green New Deal, and wants to reduce military spending, and all the other good things, why isn’t he just supporting Sanders?
So, final analysis:  Not the worst person in the race, but he sure as hell is no Bernie Sanders.

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