Side Issues

I’m not sure how I feel about letting convicted felons vote.  I suspect that even for most convicted felons, it’s not their greatest concern.  But, very much like Sanders’ vote against the Brady Bill, which also angered a lot of people, he explained his position clearly, without apologies, and whether or not you agree you have to admit he makes sense.  Basically, government should not be looking for ways to stop people voting, because once they start, they never stop.
Still, it’s not a winning point politically.  Bernie became popular because he is for universal health care, a decent minimum wage, getting money out of politics, saving the environment while creating jobs, and a wide range of other issues.  The difference between these issues, and whether or not felons should vote, is that they are essential, in some cases life and death issues.  Also, they affect millions of people, in some cases everybody.
These are the things we need to keep talking about, and not get distracted by side issues.  They have done this to us again and again.  Abortion, gay rights, guns, Israel, immigration, reparations.  They find something people can get emotional about and try to make the election about that, and people generally fall for it.
This election is about restoring democracy.  This election is about saving the planet.  Don’t get sidetracked by bullshit.

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