Poetry Underground

It looks as if the poetry readings at the Souterrain Cafe on lovely Bělehradska St. are going to be a regular event.  Tonight was the second one and it was massively successful.  It’s in an old, brick cellar, which is traditional for these kinds of events, and for Prague.  There was room enough for a good sized group near the front, and tables further back for people who were still in the audience, but maybe not paying quite as close attention.
There was musical accompaniment, a didgeridoo and a guitar.  It makes the bad poets sound good, and it’s not bad with most of the good poets, either.
The performances were the usual mixed bag, some mildly comedic, some sad, some filled with confusing metaphors, and a couple of extra musical acts, one girl who sang and I’ve seen her before but didn’t remember until halfway through the evening, she’s the one who got really hammered at the reading for her birthday party and somebody started giving her shit for talking over the readings, and everybody else said hey, shut up, she can do that, it’s her birthday.   She was really good.  Then, a guy from Bolivia who sang a couple of songs in Spanish.
It’s funny, Spanish isn’t even in the top 3 of languages I know the best, but I understood his lyrics better than I would for a song in Czech or French.
There was a wide range of other language poetry, French, of course (the organizer is French and likes reading from his book very much), some Russian, a bit of Czech, and even one poem in Hebrew.
My stuff, short as it was, was well received, we had a nice smoke break, if you know what I mean, and it was all around an extremely satisfying experience.
Hope we hang onto this location for a while.

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