Our Horrible Self-Righteousness

Since they don’t have any attacks on Sanders which will actually stick – no serious scandals in his personal life and several decades of principled, honest and transparent public service – they like to attack his supporters.  We are obnoxious, we are uncompromising purists, and, which seems to offend them more than anything else, we are ‘self-righteous.’
This presents us with a quandary.  We are right.  We have been right all along.  When we said the primaries were rigged, we were right.  When we said they were cheating in Delaware, in West Virginia, in Nevada, Arizona, New York and California, we were right.  When we argued, back in 2016, in favor of universal health care, we were right.  Now over 70% of the American people are in favor of that.  When we argued in favor of a rise in the minimum wage and taxing the rich, we were right.  Now that Warren is running on those policies, and we point out that they are Bernie’s policies, they say we are being self-righteous.  When we say that we won’t accept any candidate who receives money from the oil, or pharmaceutical industries, they say we are being self-righteous, even though it’s clear that if a candidate accepts money from those industries, as almost all of them do, they will serve the interests of those industries and not the best interests of the people.

But, whenever we point out that Bernie has been right all along, they say we are being ‘self-righteous.’
Of course, being self-righteous is not a virtue.  It implies arrogance, inflexibility, and a lack of humility.  But actually being right is not only a virtue, it is the one thing we should be looking for in a presidential candidate.  And Bernie has been right all along.
If it’s self-righteous of me to point that out, so be it.

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