Bernie’s K-12 Plan

Of course, Bernie’s been touting free college for a while, and I’m all for that.  Knowledge is good, education is good, research is good.  Both as individuals and as a society, the more we know, the better off we will be.
So, I’m pleased that he’s released a detailed K-12 plan.  I’m not sure about all the details, though.  Oh, there are none I specifically disagree with.  Eliminating charter schools is a good thing.  I’m not against private schools, totally, but they should be privately funded.  Having public transportation doesn’t mean banning private cars, and universal health care doesn’t mean there can’t be private hospitals and health insurance.  But, if the public has to pay for private schools, then public schools will inevitably suffer.  Also, a $60,000 a year minimum wage for teachers sounds great, but I’m not sure that’s actually a federal issue.  I also agree with the right of teachers to unionize, and strike.
But, Bernie tends to see everything in terms of economics – which would not be a bad trait in a president, not at all.
The way I see it, the one thing that’s needed is more schools and more teachers, and assistant teachers.  If classroom size could be brought down to a dozen students, teachers would not only be able to control their classrooms, they would be able to get to know their students.  This means both that students get better instruction, and that teachers can spot specific personality problems.  They’d be able to spot those psychopathic serial killers when they’re still children.
Education, in more than one way, is a great investment in the future.

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