A Non-Reading

I went to a poetry reading at which no poetry was read, unless some people showed up after I left, which was about an hour after the scheduled start time, but it was kind of a pleasant evening in a low key way nonetheless.
I was 20 minutes late, and not a soul was there save the bartender and a friend.  I asked them if that was where the open mike was supposed to be and they said it was.  It was a cellar in a cafe in Malastrana which I found fairly easily and then realized I’d been to a reading there once before, about a year, maybe two years ago.  Which was quite well attended.
So, I walked back upstairs, thinking I maybe missed some people hanging out at front, or in the cafe upstairs, but saw no one I knew, so I went back down, ordered a coke, and waited.  3 old people came in, American tourists by the sound of it, but they were there for the reading, and also a bit surprised to see no one there.  Then a couple of other guys showed up, one of whom was the featured performer.
He got up and played guitar and sang for his audience of 5, and he wasn’t bad at all.  He had a nice, folksy vibe.  So, I listened to two or three songs, nobody else was arriving, so I left.  The piece I had prepared is kind of a political rant, and it just didn’t seem the time or place.  I’ll save it for the next one.

So, I stepped out, and it was kind of a damp, after the rain evening but it wasn’t actually raining, so I fired up a solo doobie and walked down to the river.  Right by the bank was a flock of swans, milling about and noisily slurping water from puddles,  and a whole gaggle of Japanese tourists.  Now, Japanese tourists always have their cameras out but here there was a tripod set up so some serious photography was being done, so I just hung back and enjoyed the view.  The swans, the people, the party boats going up and down the river, the lights from the restaurant across shimmering on the water.
It was a very Prague moment.

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