Caban v. Katz

And on it goes.  Trump continues to shock everybody, with his infantile parade but more so with the revelations that conditions in the conversation camps along the U.S. Mexico border are absolutely as horrific as had been rumored, and so they attack the freshman congresswoman from Queens, for bringing it all to light.
Truly, truly shitty people.
Speaking of Queens, we have the unfolding election for District Attorney (or at any rate, the Democratic nomination for that position, which makes the position more or less a foregone conclusion)  On the one hand, Tiffany Caban.  A public defender, she has been endorsed, and often compared to, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.  On the other hand you have Melinda Katz, who is Queens Borough President and has been endorsed by Joe Crowley and other old line Democrats.  Guess who is cheating?
Of course, I can’t prove that, but there are about 2,500 ‘affidavit’ ballots – I guess that means people who’d been purged from the rolls but showed ID and voted anyway.  then, there was the sudden reversal.  With Caban leading by over 1,000 votes and only a few thousand left to count, they all seemed to start going the other way.
That’s not proof, but it is statistically unlikely.
And, we know that the New York City board of elections has cheated in the past.
It’s worthy of an investigation, at the very least.

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