The Great Hack

I watched a documentary on NetFlix today called The Great Hack, about the Cambridge Analytica scandal and, while it filled me in on a few details, didn’t really tell me much that was new or change my opinion.
That Brittany Kaiser is a major piece of work, though. Trying to portray herself as a remorseful whistleblower. She reminded me of the Ray Liotta character in Goodfellas, who was totally into the wealth and power of belonging to the Mafia, and didn’t actually regret it until he was caught.
She was the same. She’d worked as an intern in Obama’s campaign, but when she was getting champagne lunches and royal treatment working for Trump, and for Brexit, she was happy.
But, in the end, that kind of data collection and use is not going to go away. Progressives (because, really, I’m not even sure the Democrats were ever even trying to win) need to figure out how to do it, and do it better than the Republicans. It should not be that hard. Where they had to resort to fake news and slanderous memes, we’ve actually got truth, and logic, and basic human decency on our side.
As far as the commercial application of targeted advertising, we’ve always suffered from advertising. Is it such a bad thing that it’s targeted? Mostly, with me, it seems to be Facebook wanting to sell me T-Shirts with my last name and birth year on them.
Kind of obnoxious, but not the worst problem facing mankind.

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