Bernie’s Big Night

I haven’t actually sat down and watched the whole debate yet, perhaps I’ll do that tomorrow, but from all I see on the Internet today Bernie kicked butt. He came through the swinging doors of the saloon and wiped out a gang of bad guys. He flew in like a dragon and torched the wicked castle.
But, that’s actually par for the course. Since I am a Bernie supporter, and many of the people I know are Bernie supporters, and I belong to two or three different Bernie groups on Facebook (and about the same number of Tulsi groups), it’s not a surprise that I get the pro-Bernie view.
“I wrote the damn bill” was a pretty good line, but, poor, stupid Tim Ryan just walked right into it. Practically set it up.
I loved it when Hickenlooper said he would just throw his arms up in the air and so he did, because you know when Bernie throws his arms up it’s because somebody like Hickenlooper has just said something so monumentally stupid that there’s no logical way to deal with it, like quibbling over Health Care, and I thought Bernie’s reminding him that he’d been a mayor was kind of classy, and more.
Of course, a lot of the MSM is saying Warren won and, credit where it’s due, she had the best line of the night with her (paraphrasing here) “if all you can say is we can’t do this and we can’t do that, why are you even running for president.” I’m not even sure who it was directed to, but it could have been a half dozen of them, easily.
Tonight, it’s Tulsi’s turn.

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