There is no doubt that the deck is stacked against Bernie Sanders. All of the billionaires oppose him, all of the biggest corporations oppose him, the press opposes him (because they are big corporations), the Republicans oppose him, and the DNC, the reigning faction of the Democratic party, opposes him.
Nonetheless, he keeps on fighting. He is fighting for the 99% of the American people who are not billionaires, who are not on the board of directors of a large corporations. I believe he will win, but it’s still an uphill battle.
I read an article the other day, and I’m not going to link to it because it’s a bullshit article, about how Warren’s supporters and Sanders’ supporters are completely different demographics. O.K., that’s a thought I’m willing to entertain.
They said that Sanders supporters tend to be young, and fewer of them have college degrees, and they are less wealthy than Warren’s supporters. Also, that women tend to favor Warren, and men tend to favor Bernie. That rankled me a bit, because Bernie has a lot of support among women, and is probably a stronger women’s rights candidate than Elizabeth Warren. He supported Roe v. Wade before Roe v. Wade had even happened, and while Elizabeth Warren was still a Republican.
But, here’s the quote that truly angered me:

“For Sanders, the need to grow his base is a problem that dates back to his 2016 run. He failed to win the nomination that year in large part because he was unable to win over older voters, especially older voters of color.”
Bullshit. He failed to win the nomination that year because the primaries were rigged. This is no longer a question for argument. The New York State board of elections has admitted there were shenanigans. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Donna Brazile, have admitted there were shenanigans. The DNC lawyers might as well have admitted there were shenanigans when they said “Hey, we’re allowed to cheat, nothing illegal about that.”
There was (and is) nothing wrong with Bernie’s base. It includes older people (I’m 65), it includes women, it includes black people, it includes all sorts of people who want the world to be a better place.
If the Democrats want to win in 2020, all they have to do is stop trying to stop Bernie.

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