Down Time

Whew! I’ve just spent 12 hours internet free, and I did not like it. It went down yesterday evening, which is my excuse for not having written a blog yesterday evening, but also I found myself with nothing really to do. The internet was down, and so was Netflix. I had no idea if this was just us, or a wider phenomenon. Thoughts of apocalyptic movies flitted through my head.
Woke up this morning, and not only was it still offline but my IT department (that is, my wife) left town for a few days at 6 a.m., she’s going with her mom and a whole bunch of family, and Isabel, to Poland. So, I asked Sam to take a look at it but he couldn’t get it back.
So, just now I tried again, with no real hope of success, and voila, there it is.
Are we too attached? Probably. But there’s no turning back.

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