Biden’s Latest Blunder

Normally, I don’t like to beat up on a politician over a misstatement, and it is possible to interpret Joe Biden’s latest gaffe “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids” as an innocent error, perhaps even a good thing just wrapped up in the wrong words.
After all, it’s true that many poor kids are bright and talented and deserving of a better chance than they are getting in America’s public schools, and it’s true that a lot of those kids are black. (although there are poor white kids as well, who are not going to the best schools they could be)
If I felt that Joe Biden were actually reaching out and talking about improving our school system to give children better opportunities, I might actually be more supportive.
But, he’s not. He was a Senator forever, and vice president for eight years, and he didn’t make a name for himself as a fighter for education. Instead, he is the guy who wants to lock everybody up for smoking marijuana. He is as bad as a Republican when he suggests that violent computer games are a cause of mass shootings.
Come the general election, if Joe is the nominee, it will not just be ‘a vote between the lesser of two evils’ but a vote between ‘who is the stupidest old man likely to say stupid things in public?’ and it is a tossup who would win.
A tossup is not good enough odds. It is critically important that senile old Joe not be the candidate.

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