Whoopi Goldberg, Average Voter

What Whoopi Goldberg said to Bernie Sanders, when he appeared the other day on “The View” was so gob-smackingly ignorant that it is worthy of note.
I do not recall the exact words, but it was something along the lines of “When Andrew Yang was here he explained that if we only could get the large corporations to pay their taxes, some of that money would trickle down to us and everybody would have all the money they need. It made perfect sense to me. Why don’t you talk about stuff like that.”
She obviously has not been paying attention to Bernie Sanders for this whole election cycle, or the last election cycle, or ever in fact because Bernie Sanders has been saying precisely that, again and again and again, since before Andrew Yang was even born.
Can’t really hold it against Whoopi, though. I liked her as Guinan in Star Trek, the next generation. I’ve liked her in some of the movies I’ve seen her in, even though they tend to be excessively dumb movies. She generally plays a nice person and, in fact, she might be. You can’t expect the ladies on the view to be political experts. That’s not the show’s format. The idea is to have a panel of minor female celebrities who are not experts at politics but are free to express their political opinions. It’s like expecting professional athletes to be political experts.
They have some money. They have some fame. But they are just as ignorant as the average American. There are a lot of people out there looking at Yang’s message and ready to jump right past Bernie. There are a lot of people who are impressed with all the programs Warren is putting out, without noticing that these were Bernie’s programs first.
Despite the fact that all of Bernie’s positions are online, despite the fact that he speaks to thousands of people every day, and despite the fact that he always says the same things, which he gets criticized for as if a politician is suppose to come up with new and jazzier positions every day, a lot of people are probably just as ignorant of his positions as Whoopi Goldberg is.
I blame the media.

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