Chinese Takeaway

This is why I think ‘narrow focus’ is a ridiculous way to conduct an impeachment inquiry. Nancy Pelosi and (unfortunately) Tulsi Gabbard have called for just that.
I guess maybe Tulsi sees it as some sort of moral high ground. Nancy Pelosi has been in power forever and this is not the only time she has had a chance to impeach somebody and whiffed it. It’s clear by now that her main purpose, as a Democrat leader, is to fold to Republicans
They said they want the investigation to focus on Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian president Volodomyr Zelenskij. But just today, on the White House lawn, with the microphones on and the cameras rolling, he said “I think both Ukraine and China should investigate Biden.”
That is another incidence of misuse of the office, just a couple days after the first charge. So he can’t say he doesn’t realize that what he just said is illegal. Nobody can be that stupid, right? Well. Yes.
So, it should be added to the list, along with the time he put a bunch of tariffs on China but exempted any companies that do business with Ivanka, all of his pricey golf weekends, soirees at Mar-a-Lago, and then, of course, there’s his taxes. We won’t know until we’ve looked at them, but they should be subpoenaed, along with all his business records.
Just take the whole damn list, from the day he took office and maybe a bit further back because why not (with Obama, they were harassing him over his birth certificate), and be ready to add to it as you go.
That’s the winning strategy. Optimize your chances.

One other thing: what does Trump expect to find out about Hunter Biden that he couldn’t have found out in half an hour on Google? It was all so unnecessary, but he’s in the shit now.

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