Blue No Matter Who People Can Fuck Right Off, They are Worse than Jehovah’s Witnesses

I lost my temper on a Facebook thread a few minutes ago and told somebody to fuck off. Perhaps that was a bit rude of me, but he was being quite condescending, so I’m sorry but not sorry and this is certainly not an apology.
He’s somebody I know from poetry sites and, like me, he writes rhyming poetry, so we’ve got something in common. Unlike me, he is a supporter of Elizabeth Warren. I suppose a lot of people are. It’s not just poll numbers. Polls tend to be, as we have seen recently, rigged. Although I think her crowd sizes have been overplayed by the press (and Bernie’s are downplayed), she is getting some decent crowds. Much larger than Hillary Clinton’s. And I have quite a few friends on Facebook who are singing her praises.
Personally, I think she’s a snake, a Republican in Democrats clothing, but if people are willing to make a case for her, I’m willing to debate them without saying fuck off. It’s bad language, it’s a bit too easy, and a discredit to me as a writer that I couldn’t think of a more clever riposte.
But, what he said was that Bernie should drop out after his “heart attack,” and back Warren. I responded by listing the reasons why Warren, IMO, is a poor candidate, and pointing out that Bernie is in good health and has not indicated any intention of leaving the race.
He said I was delusional. He compared me to a Trump supporter. And he said I should “prepare myself for the inevitable.” So, I told him to fuck off.
These are things I heard, I’m sure we all heard, back in 2016. Over and over and over again.
Republicans believe that a lie told over and over and over again will become the truth. Apparently, some centrist Democrats believe the same thing. The truth is that anything repeated over and over and over again will eventually piss people off.
So, Blue No Matter Who people can fuck right off. They are worse than Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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