Just watched a pretty good film on Netflix. At first I though it was a new series, and I was looking forward to at least a couple of weeks of just binge-watching. That’s Netflix.
Anyway, it was mostly just a big shoot ’em up in space, with lots of gun fights, laser fights, sword fights, martial arts and plain old fisticuffs, with two space cops who are partners but also dating, so of course it ends up with a marriage, or at least a proposal, after they’ve blasted a huge hole in the side of the ‘City of a Thousand Planets’, rescued an entire alien species, and caught the evil, genocidal maniac who’d destroyed their world 30 years ago. None of that stuff was new.
But I really liked the alien planet, the one that was destroyed. It looked like something from a kids’ cartoon I used to watch when my kids were little kids, so at least 10 years ago, called Tiny Planets. It always began with the dad and the boy, who were some kind of furry alien, slingshotting their couch into space and they’d land on some strange planet – I remember one time all the people were musical instruments, and another time the planet was made of candy.
I also liked ‘The Big Bazaar’, which existed in a different dimension so everybody had to wear helmets to see it, but the stuff they bought there was real enough, so it was popular with tourists.
In short, a visual treat and fans of the genre will love it, but a weak plot and a kind of boring love affair.

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