Lost in the Uncanny Valley

This had to come, because any application of technology that’s possible gets done sooner or later, for better or worse. There is an AI delivering the news in China.
It’s a weird development, but from the bit I watched, my reaction is “Meh, that’s a bit of an anticlimax” It’s a robot, reading the news. If that becomes standard, most people’s lives would be unaffected. Few feel a strong emotional bond to their human newscasters (I could be wrong about that), but some also may be able to identify with the android newscaster. People watch cartoons, don’t they?
Mostly, though, it will just be a reading of the news. Maybe a bit more objective and dispassionate seeming but, still, it’s not the robot writing the words, thinking independently.
That will be the day. The first time an AI newscaster goes off script, then we’ll know we have cracked the sentient robot barrier and the human race is doomed.

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