Why Her Lying Matters

It might be a trivial issue, because I believe if somebody’s got megabucks there’s nothing inherently immoral in their decision to send their kids to private schools, and it could possibly being construed as attacking the child of a candidate, but this happened decades ago. The child in question, Alex Warren, is in his 40s now, and his mother Elizabeth wasn’t even in politics at the time.

But, a reporter asked Elizabeth Warren, just today, why she sent her child to a private school. Instead of saying “Because it was a better school and my kids are more important than anything,” or “My choice doesn’t in any way change my unwavering commitment to public schools and the funding thereof” or finding any one of the millions of ways politicians do of segueing from the question asked into the answer they want to give, but she didn’t. She just lied and said “My kids went to public schools.” Maybe they did. But, we have photographic evidence that, at least for one year, son Alex went to a fancy pants elite public school in Texas.
It’s not as big an issue as saying she’s anti-war and then giving Trump the huge military budget he asked for, plus a little extra on top. It’s not as big an issue as saying she supported the pipeline protesters, and then doing nothing at all to actually support them. It’s not as bad as saying you’re for Medicare for All, and then walking it back.

Nonetheless, it shows she lies glibly, and easily. It’s second nature. It’s the first thing out of her mouth. And that’s why this is important.

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