Yes, Malarkey

It seems like ‘No Malarkey’ is Joe Biden’s new slogan. It’s written, big and bold, on the side of his tour bus, which is large enough to do a major rock group proud and probably holds almost half the number of people at any one of his given rallies.
If he was a candidate I liked, I would probably think it was a fine slogan, and I would not bother to mock it, but he’s not, so I will.
First off, for all the flak the boomers are getting, Joe is pointing out that he is a pre-boomer, born before 1945, back before anybody thought you had to give each generation a name, back before Rock n Roll music, back before television even. Malarkey is the kind of thing my parents said a lot, and I’m 65. So, it’s the slogan of a very limited, and dying demographic.
Also, consider the meaning. Malarkey is like bullshit, but it’s O.K. in polite company. It means you haven’t got any argument, so you’re just going to wave your hand, say ‘Malarkey!’ and consider the argument finished.
So, he’s trying to appeal to Trump voters.
By far the greatest problem with this slogan, however, is that Joe Biden is absolutely full of malarkey. There was that rambling story about a soldier at an awards ceremony where it turned out pretty much every detail was wrong. There was that time he got confused about which decade Robert Kennedy was assassinated in. Then there’s those times he was caught plagiarizing other people’s speeches. Not to mention he’s full of malarkey when he says that he and his son have done nothing wrong in their business dealings with Burisma, a Ukrainian oil company.
When Joe Biden says ‘No Malarkey!’ that’s a bunch of malarkey. You can be certain of that.

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