The Size of the Bubble

I was accused by a blue-no-matter-who plonker the other day of ‘living in a bubble’ because I said Bernie was ahead in Iowa and New Hampshire, and it did piss me off a bit.
But that’s just because blue-no-matter-who people tend to seriously piss me off. How many millions of times do we have to tell them no, before they will believe we mean no?
He is at least partially correct, though, about living in a bubble. Don’t we all? If you are reading this, you are within the bubble of people who speak English, the bubble of people who use the internet, and maybe within the bubble of people who actually know me.
But, I know what he meant. I like Bernie, so I get Bernie news. Blue-no-matter-who people live in a different bubble, one in which, apparently, Bernie Sanders is not taken seriously.
But, here’s a couple things everybody should know about the Bernie bubble. For a bubble, it has a great amount of surface tension and cohesiveness, cause by the elemental bonds among its members. Pretty much everybody within the Bernie bubble is for universal health care, a $15 an hour minimum wage, immigration reform, and end to private prisons, legalization of marijuana, switching to a green environment, raising taxes on the rich, eliminating homelessness and guaranteeing everyone a job, and getting money out of politics. It’s a truly impressive number of things to have so many people agree on. So, it’s a very thick skinned bubble, and not likely to burst.
Second, for every new person who enters the bubble, three things happen. Our bubble gets one person larger. Some other bubble shrinks. And that new person is immersed in the warm and cozy glow of the Bern. Which feels good.
Come, all you bnmw people. Join our bubble. It is not too late.

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