It’s a medical term in origin. After a battle or major catastrophe, like a gas explosion or a mass shooting or something, when the ER is flooded with casualties, so the medical personnel need to sort them into three groups: those who are dead or going to die no matter what, those with minor injuries who can wait, and those who can be saved by quick action.
The third group is dealt with first.
It’s applicable to politics as well. For Berners to prevail, I suggest we do a little triage at this point.
There are voters who are dead to us. Those who have billions of dollars, or at least tens of millions, and those who love Trump because they are racist to the core. They will never vote for us.
Then there are the groups who have strong reasons to vote for Bernie anyway. Most of those are already with us, but they include gay people, people who smoke marijuana, people who are making less than $15 an hour, black people who are tired of police murdering them, people who don’t have health insurance, people who hate their health insurance, Latinos who are sick of all the insults at the very least, anybody with college debt or medical debt, the elderly, the handicapped, the homeless, and fierce advocates of radical environmental action.
Then there’s the group of people we need to deal with first. Those who could vote for Bernie (they usually have no significant differences with him on policy) but say nice things about Warren and the incompetent mayor of South Bend, and senile old Joe Biden, and say we should support anybody who’s not Trump, and still resent us mightily because they blame us for Hillary’s loss in 2016.
We have to talk to them. It’s hard to know what to say, since they perceive anything we say as an attack, but that’s the group we have to deal with. If we can bring them to our side, one by one and then by millions, Bernie Sanders will be the next president.
And that’s the argument I’d present: if you, dear Centrist Democratic voter, after an analysis of his policies, and his record, can find it in your heart to join us, we will win. Together.

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